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Our Team

At Suguitan & Associates, we are a cohesive team that works closely together to provide the best for our clients. You might speak to any one of our team members throughout the year as we all share in the responsibilities of getting the work done. We look forward to working with you this coming year to meet your needs and to reach your tax and accounting goals. We hope you take a minute to get to know us and reach out to any of us should you ever need assistance.

Our Team

Jennifer Suguitan


Starting her CPA practice in 2003, Jennifer’s business has grown enormously over the past decade due to her reputation for honesty and working in the best interest of her clients. Her practice, which provides a wide range of services including tax, accounting and consulting services, attracts diverse clients from all over the country. Jennifer’s family and activities keep her busy; her husband enjoys playing ice hockey and Jennifer enjoys training for triathlons. They have three daughters; Amanda is 15, Emma is 13 and Malia is 8 and they all enjoy swimming and triathlons. Jennifer is the lead tax preparer and always the final reviewer on all work performed.

Marianne Davis 972-618-8224

Marianne has been with the firm since 2014. She is our Director of Operations and keeps our workflow running smoothly. Marianne’s husband of 23 years works at Bank of America and they are busy raising four children, two of whom are in college. Marianne organizes all of your tax information as it comes in and compares it to what we might have received in years past; she will call or email you with questions about any missing information before it goes to preparation. She is also our lead team member on all issues related to Texas filings and notices.

Stephanie Vorndran 972-618-8224

Stephanie has been our Office Manager since 2007. She is married to a Penn State graduate who works for Alkami Technology, and they have two young sons. Both boys enjoy playing sports and the youngest is in Cub Scouts where Stephanie and her husband are the den leaders. Stephanie coordinates all engagement letters, payments, appointments, and receives all tax returns at the end of the preparation process. You might hear from her via phone or email when your tax return is completed or when payments are due.